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The Companies that are the Central Valley Ag Group

Central Valley Ag Transload

Central Valley Ag Transload is the complete solution for Rail to Truck Transloading, Storage & Distribution. Including Grain, Wood, Bulk Fertilizer and Steel Transloading as well as Dehydration Services, Grain Terminal and Custom Bundle Transloading.

Central Valley Ag Transport

Central Valley Ag Transport focuses on bulk commodity trucking logistics. Including Rail Salvage, Equipment Hauling, Wood Waste Hauling and Disposal

Central Valley Ag Grinding

Central Valley Ag Grinding concentrates on preparing, processing, handling and blending raw commodities. Including Custom Livestock and Dairy Feed, Biomass Fuel, Processed Almond Shell, Food Byproduct Recovery, Green Waste Disposal, Green Waste Recycling, Landscape products and more.

Feed Processors LLC.

Feed Processors provides custom grinding services, custom feed and hay grinding services. We provide mobile grinding services for Hay, Grain, Seed Shell, Agricultural Byproducts as well as Agricultural Grinding Services and more.

Central Valley Ag Grinding Services

Central Valley Ag Grinding is a merchandiser of agricultural commodities and by products. Including livestock and dairy feed, organic products, biomass and biomass fuel. We accommodate export sea containers, bulk vessel containers as well as oversized containers.

Pinnacle Drayage Solutions

Pinnacle Drayage Solutions focuses on agricultural commodities and by-products logistics. Providing freight logistics for Biomass Fuel, Processed Almond Shell, Processed Walnut Shell and more.

About our Group

What do we do?
Central Valley Ag Group

We provide our customers with a premier 360 degree solution to their bulk commodity procurement, inventory handling, and processing needs. Our years of experience in the bulk livestock feed ingredient and bio-mass industries allow us to provide an unparalleled service and understanding to the raw ingredient and material needs of our customers. With our network of companies, manufacturing facilities, suppliers, and contractors, we are able to provide our customers with access to custom products that meet their specifications and delivered to their intended destination locally or around the globe.

  • Transload

    We move your product from the railcar to storage or truck

  • Transport

    We move your product to any one of our facilities for processing or to the destination of your choosing

  • Processing

    We process your product using one of our precalculated formulas or to your custom specifications.

  • Import/Export

    We handle your container and bulk vessel loading and unloading needs.

  • Drayage Services

    We provide the drayage transportation of your containers to and from the Port of Oakland

Main Office Physical Address: 5509 Langworth Rd, Oakdale, CA 95361 Mailing Address: 5707 Langworth Rd Oakdale, CA 95361