Central Valley Ag Grinding Services


Central Valley Ag Grinding is a merchandizer agricultural commodities and a container import/export service provider. Our merchandizing team can provide you with feed, agricultural by-products, and biomass while our service team can assure that your container loading , unloading , and logistics run smoothly. Our facility is a certified organic handling facility and our operations assure that the integrity of your organic products are preserved.

Central Valley Ag Group News:

As of June 24, 2019

CV-AG Group is happy to announce the arrival of our new 190 foot Ship Loader positioned at our Port of Stockton Facility!


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Custom Livestock & Dairy Feed
Biomass Fuel
Processed Almond Shell
Processed Walnut Shell


Organic Products
Bulk Vessel Loading and Unloading
Loading and Unloading of Overweight Containers
Central Valley Ag Group 807 Cromwell Avenue Stockton, CA 95203 [Port of Stockton]