Transloading Basics

Simple Definition of ‘Transload’ or ‘Transloading’ : Transferring goods from one mode of transportation to another in order to bring goods to their final destination.

Explanation of Process: Transloading is a method of transport that involves ship, rail, intermodal trucking and offloading services. Containerized items by boat or truck may be loaded onto a railcar, then transported by railway to an offloading site, where they can be offloaded and stored or transported elsewhere. Product may change shipping mode several times along the trip, but it is a single shipment regardless of how it is conveyed or what else travels with it on the legs of its journey, it is not considered to be transshipped. This entire process is referred to as Transloading, Transloaded or Transload. Although this process is very popular for mineral, grain and dry goods, it is also often used for green waste, construction and recycled good transport.

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